- Dubai World  - climate control ! Impossible becomes reality.

Dubai World  - climate control ! Impossible becomes reality.

Dubai World  - climate control ! Impossible becomes  realityAbout 10 minutes after a take-off from Dubai International Airport and you will see an artificial manmade archipelago, worth a staggering 14 billion dollars, stretching out on the Arabian Gulf.

It is 9km long and 6 km wide, located 4km off the coast. The Dubai World archipelago is built in a rough shape of a world’s map consisting of numerous islands, each of which represents a particular country. The access to all islands will be through water transport only.

Currently, an eager German construction company Kleinsdienst has laid out several concepts for Dubai World on the table, showing what might eventually become a climate-controlled European continent featuring rain and snow, where residents and visitors will be able to enjoy their stay throughout the year. The climate-controlled technology will keep the temperature in the 20s, when it’s 40 outside. The redirecting of the air into the air vents scattered throughout the island will turn the hot air to cold and since the cold air is heavier than hot air, it will remain, so that people can keep cool in the hot summer months. The effect of rain will be produced through specially designed showerheads. The greenery will feature all kinds of Mediterranean trees including the proverbial two oldest 1400 years old olive trees.

The whole undertaking is devised by the leading German Science Institute Fraunhofer. The concept is unique and has never been seen or observed anywhere in the world. The concept presents some serious development challenges which will be tackled by world’s leading architects and technologists. The developers work closely together with Dubai’s RTA (Road and Traffic Authority) on developing a vast Dubai World marine transportation network which will include all types of civil marine transportation and that will be an attraction on its own.

Aside from the aforementioned, the project will feature private luxury hotels in floating villas, European style boutiques and dining venues, Mont Royal and Empress Elisabeth Wedding Hotel, exotic birds throughout the island, Mont Royal water park, the largest open water aquarium and Underwater world etc.

The first development stage of Dubai World has already been launched, presenting a unique opportunity for foreign investment.