- Why do the Expatriates Find the United Arab Emirates so attractive?

Why do the Expatriates Find the United Arab Emirates so attractive?

Why do the Expatriates Find the United Arab Emirates so attractive?

Today the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates is not only an attractive area for the foreign investors, but also the state, which deserves the recognition of millions of expatriates coming here to work. Some international experts admit that the attractiveness of the Emirates in the way of living conditions and the state of the economy has increased significantly in recent years. For example, the international ranking shows that the United Arab Emirates take the 15th place among highly rated countries.

The results showed that the Emirates are ready to offer the optimal work conditions to many expatriates. The United Arab Emirates are at the top among the foreigners who prefer high standard of living, broad career prospects and unlimited opportunities for bringing up children. Some key points can be singled out among the main factors influencing the choice of Emirates for living  and working:

  • The prospects for rapid employment and promotion – more than 65% of respondents stated that moving to the United Arab Emirates is seen as an opportunity to get a well-paid job with further growth prospects;
  • A high standard of living – about 40% of respondents suggested this factor as the main reason for moving to the Emirates.

It should be noted that the income in the UAE is much higher for the overwhelming majority of the expatriates, in comparison to the possible income in their native country. The following factors are determined as the other reasons for moving to the Emirates:

  • First-class accommodation.
  • High quality of different services.
  • High level of security.

The advantages and attractiveness of the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates to foreigners are not limited to material and financial factors. Friendly attitude of the local population, the loyalty of the public authorities, a well-developed transport infrastructure, including an international one, as well as the personal security and a low crime rate – these are the most important factors mentioned by a large number of expatriates.

The Main Advantages of the Jurisdiction for Expatriates

The flexible tax policy is on the first place among the main advantages of the jurisdiction. The current fiscal legislation of the Emirates excludes a number of budgetary payments, which are obligatory in your native country. Taxes on personal and real estate, income tax for natural persons, corporate taxes and value-added taxes are not collected in the United Arab Emirates. Such tax climate, which is favourable for both entrepreneurial and labour activities, has turned the Emirates into the best place on the planet for carrying on business.

On the second place in the list of attractive factors is a relatively low crime rate in the country. It is not a secret that the Emirates legislation is based on the principles of Islamic law and is known as quite strict. In fact, even for verbal harassment of any person in the country, one can get a real prison sentence, not to mention serious offences and crimes, for which the capital punishment is provided.  The statistics shows that 97% residents of the Emirates are sure that nothing threatens their life, health or property.

There is no doubt that the honourable third place belongs to the favourable climatic conditions. There is no better place on the planet, especially if you prefer a warm climate with the availability of the year-round health resorts. The sea is almost always warm and the sun is shining brightly in the sky even in winter. The unique structures and painstaking work in landscape greening always make the summer heat easily bearable.

The Additional Advantages and Opportunities

Stable economic situation. The national currency of the Emirates – Dirham – shows the remarkable stability over a period of many decades. It is certainly reflected on the national economy.

Opportunities for career development. Your future career prospects in the UAE are limited only by your personal ambitions and skills. Moreover, there are ample opportunities for advanced training and learning in this country.

Establishing the new acquaintances and business contacts. The representatives of all world cultures, nationalities and religions live and work in the United Arab Emirates. Here they are all closely linked and come into contact with one another. This is a great opportunity to make new friends and gain a support of the new business partners.

The list of benefits and opportunities attracting millions of foreigners to this country is endless. It is no difficulty at all to find such a reason and cause which attract you. All you need is to visit the UAE one day. Be sure, you will fall in love with this country forever.