- Dubai plans to build a next huge shopping mall

Dubai plans to build a next huge shopping mall

Dubai plans  to build a next huge shopping mall

Dubai plans to implement another ambitious tourism and leisure project. Construction of the world's largest shopping mall is deemed the most ambitious project in the Emirate. Within the framework of government support and development of tourism sector the project “Mall of the World” will implemented.

Mall of the World - as a stimulus for further development

The policy of Dubai authorities is to provide visitors and tourists with unlimited options with respect to the best restaurants, hotels, shopping and entertainment networks. The shopping space of the shopping mall is more than 48 million square feet and is located near the highway Sheikh Zayed Road.

There will be presented everything that is necessary for foreign tourists and guests for a full shopping experience. Cultural centers, shops and recreation malls - is only a small part of a comprehensive infrastructure of Mall of World project.

Policy of the country and investments into entertainment industry

Policy of the Government of the United Arab Emirates on the eve of the International Expo 2020 sets new priorities in international trade and hospitality industry. The authorities do not stop to continue searching for effective tools to attract visitors and tourists from all over the world.

Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, in his comments on the project said, - “Dubai is on the path of continuous development and changes in cultural, tourist and economic terms. The Government of the Emirate sets high goals and knows how to achieve them”.

He stressed that the main goal of such projects is not just development of tourism industry, it is development of the entire infrastructure, creation of new jobs and investment into local economy.

The concept of the project involves creation of special premises with comfortable microclimate in desert. Air-conditioned town will be like a green oasis in desert. Residents of any country and of any age will feel comfortable here. You will always be able to enjoy shelter and coolness even in the hottest summer months.

Mall of the World project being unique in concept is implemented in compliance with the state program for development of entertainment industry and retail trade. Thus, the authorities of the Emirate plan to bring new financial assets to the local economy.