- Golf clubs in UAE Dubai

Golf clubs in UAE Dubai

The UAE has been playing golf for over thirty years and you can find here the club that will best suit your requirements such as field size, number of holes, water obstacles. Each club has its own features, concerning both the architecture and characteristics of golf field.

Golf Club Dubai Creek is located in Deira on the Gulf Cost. This sports complex, which was opened in 1993, occupies the area of 80 hectares, and consists of the world class golf course and berth for 115 yachts. Golf club Dubai Creek has 18 holes, 72 pars, the field length is 6,956 yards. The club is not only for professionals, but also for amateurs. The landscape is decorated with lakes, the field has 3 water obstacles. Also there are huge bunkers that are set aside from the greens, each of them being unique. Dubai Creek Club Academy is the centre of high class golf courses. All programs and features of the game are made on the basis of students’ interests. The Academy also provides courses not only for the beginners but also for the experienced players who want to improve their skill / handicap level. There are also special courses available for children. Courses are conducted seven days a week.

Dubai Creek Club is the only club in the world where the European and Asian PGA golf tournaments take place. In 1995 the club hosted the first tournament of the Asian PGA and afterwards in 1999- European Tournament Dubai Desert Classic. The club’s height of 45 meters has the shape of a dhow’s sail and symbolizes maritime traditions of Dubai. The club has the reception, dayroom, garments and equipment shop, equipment rent, Legends Steakhouse restaurant, Aquarium restaurant, Golfing Academy coffee bar, Lake View Café. Boardwalk Restaurant is located on the pier; it leads to the amazing view of the Yacht Club Creek. Evening shisha café is also located in QD restaurant under the open air. Apart from the members of the club, the academy is opened for guests as well. There are specially located areas where visitors might come to see and enjoy watching golf. Membership of the club has a priority for members enjoying swimming pool, fishing, sport centers and lots more. The Golf club has its own dress code which has the right to reject players if he or she doesn’t meet the dress code requirement. For men, the standard of wearing is special trousers or shorts, shirt or polo-neck sweater. Knee length socks are allowed with shorts. Shoes must be with soft spikes.

Another important rule is that people are not permitted to be directly on the field if they are not playing golf. This is the general rule for most of the golf courses worldwide.