- Yacht Clubs in Dubai, UAE

Yacht Clubs in Dubai, UAE

The Dubai, UAE yachting is a multibillion dollar industry. The UAE has more than 200 islands and 700 kilometers of coastline. The Industry of Mega Yachts and charter destination in the UAE is growing rapidly. One of the most popular yachting region apart of Dubai is Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate out of seven Emirates. According to the CNN, Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the world. It is no wonder why Abu Dhabi is developing rapidly yacht charter business and has a growing number of mega yachts in the port. ADYS, the world famously known Abu Dhabi Yacht Show takes place there along with the other yacht shows and regattas.

Shipbuilding industry in the UAE has become the world’s shipbuilding center. The UAE spends half of billion dollars every year on purchasing materials for construction, repair and maintenance of ships. The UAE Ship owner’s Association was founded In January 2006, where it has solved a number of key questions and problems in shipbuilding and expanding the partnerships between buyers and suppliers.

The oldest marina in Dubai International Marine Club called Mina Seyahi which is a platform of the boat show and other yachting events. The event is called Dubai Grand Prix racing Class 1 which takes place there yearly. Most recently, it has expanded by means of the second marina – Dubai Marina built at the foot of Grosvenor House. The new marina is the most modern and best for the services provided. Landscaped promenade with a fountain is a great place to walk on the yacht.

A newly built Dubai Festival Marine of 250 meters width accommodates over 100 yachts and provides them with a high level of services. It is located in the heart of Dubai Festival City, where there are 90 restaurants, 550 shops, two international schools, 12 cinemas and 18- hole golf championship class field. Festival Marine provides a full range of services for boats and yachts in Dubai.

The biggest marina in Abu Dhabi is Abu Dhabi Marina Sports which has a shopping and entertainment center that serves members of the yacht club which is pleased to accept guests coming on their own yachts. Yachts and boats are coming out of there for fishing, diving, etc. Additionally, there are few huge yachts that clearly belong to private persons.
Racing on traditional dhow boats is also very popular after yachting. It is the national event that takes place in Emirates every year starting from October and continues up to April. These boats are not as long as in the past, but it creates a spectacular show when a stubborn team is working at the oars. The uniqueness is that the dhow can hold up to 200 sailors rowing to the rhythm of the sea songs.

The Dubai, UAE combines perfect atmosphere of oriental exotic and ancient traditions and European standards of service. The main advantage of the United Arab Emirates is the bright sun for 360 days per year, with its gentle rays of the Persian Gulf and its golden beaches. Nowadays, the UAE Yacht clubs develop into the most famously recognized yacht clubs in the world where lots of yachtsmen come to buy and enjoy yachting in the UAE.