- Hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates

Hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates

Hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates

The beginning of the hospitality industry development in the United Emirates was initiated a few decades ago. About thirty years ago on the territory of the United Arab Emirates several modern hotel complexes were built, and that was the beginning. Nowadays the United Arab Emirates demonstrate very high standards of service throughout the world. Besides, more and more hotels and resorts are built every year. It is worth noting that these are both well-known international hotel chains and local brands.

It is not a secret today that the United Arab Emirates are often chosen for holding various international and regional events. These are thematic exhibitions and conferences, sports competitions and festivals, forums and seminars in a variety of industries.

The favourable geographical location

Geographical location of the United Arab Emirates serves as a connecting link, uniting East and West, Europe, Asia and the African continent. If one takes into account the world travel map, one can note the incredible popularity of this destination. And it is the Emirate of Dubai, that became a pioneer in the hospitality industry development and improvement. However, every independent Arab Principality follows the path of diversification of the national economy and the development of other related industries.

For example, such Emirates as Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Fujairah have created specialized structures, which contribute to the development of international tourism, and which are also engaged in marketing and advancement of the country in the international tourism market. These structures take an active part in international exhibitions and establish measures to encourage tour operators and agents. Such teamwork leads to positive results, and the tourist flow to the United Arab Emirates is growing annually.

Even under the conditions of the global financial crisis the United Arab Emirates have managed to increase the number of arriving guests and foreign tourists. And in the current market environment these rates are rising exponentially. According to experts, the growth in the number of tourists in the UAE was actively promoted by the economic and political turmoil in some Middle East and African countries. Amid the growing instability, the jurisdiction of the United Arab Emirates is a true refuge for the citizens and private business.

Dubai is the heart of the tourism industry in the United Arab Emirates

As to the Emirate of Dubai, it can be noted that the Government takes active steps to ensure the popularity of the country as a tourist and resort destination. Among the obvious examples and the opportunities used, it's necessary to highlight a few key points:

  • Holding annual international festivals;
  • Organization of international sports events;
  • Expanding route networks of the national air carriers;
  • Holding international level exhibitions, etc.

This approach and painstaking work of the various experts provide national economy with the tangible financial results. Thus the average annual growth of the hospitality industry is about 10%. According to a preliminary forecast, the revenue generated from the hospitality industry and the hotel sector, will increase to 7-8 billion US dollars by the next year.

With regard to the investments made in this economic sector, it can be noted that from the beginning of this industry development the investments have amounted to about 47 billion dirhams. However, in the next decade this figure can double. In general, the range of activities and opportunities contributed to the strengthening of Dubai's status as one of the most popular resorts and tourist destinations throughout the world.

Over the past few years, the Emirate of Dubai has become the priority destination for hotel operators, as evidenced by the growth of hotel space and improvement of the hotel infrastructure. And many large international hotel chains choose Dubai to open their head offices.

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