- Corporate legal services in Dubai, UAE, within business registration and support

Corporate legal services in Dubai, UAE, within business registration and support

Every country has its own definite specifics in the corporate law. This certainly pertains to UAE corporate law, respective possible and permitted types of companies and issues on possible types of activities and obtainment of respective licenses and permits.

The practice of the applicable law and the resolutions of the commercial disputes in UAE have its own definite specifics as well. For instance, a business contract can be signed with either Dubai Courts as the place of the resolution of a dispute or DIFC, and the process of resolving the dispute could differ fundamentally from each other, depending on the choice of the place of dispute resolution.

The law in UAE exists on the Federal level and then in form of additional law and  bylaws – on the level of different Emirates, further – as additional  laws and regulations of various administrative authorities, for example, the Administrative Authorities of Free Trade Zones, Ministries or other Authorities.

In order to find out about all practical issues of the corporate law and get a legal advice and a consultation on this subject, the most reliable solution is to approach those, who deal with issues related to corporate law on a daily basis at different levels and on various subject matters.

It is worth mentioning, that legal consultations on corporate law and other matters linked to business notably help avoid mistakes and faults when opening a new business in UAE and its further implementation.

Our legal support include issues on corporate law for any types of companies in UAE, drafting shareholders agreements, drafting agreements with local partners, obtaining various agreements and resolutions, consultation on labor law and visas regulations for employees, residency visas for shareholders and companies’ directors.

We have strong experience in registration of various companies in Dubai, UAE and provision of legal services in corporate law and regulations of UAE. Our knowledge – means not just the legal knowledge on the corporate law, but a practical knowledge based on the daily practice and its every day’s application in Dubai and other Emirates.