- Opening a trading company abroad in Dubai, UAE

Opening a trading company abroad in Dubai, UAE

Opening a trading company abroad can be essential for a number of reasons. UAE is one of the jurisdictions with the noticeable available advantages which are worth to consider when opening such company.

Usually the reasons for opening a trading company abroad, for example, in Dubai or other country, can be:


  • Requirement to be close to suppliers or clients.
  • Possibility of faster transactions and favorable conditions of banking services for payments and currencies conversion.
  • Possibility and requirement of being present in UAE.
  • Expenses optimization.
  • Various customs and tax payments optimization.
  • Possibility to use warehousing premises for storing goods and freight.

Trading companies in Dubai, UAE differ from each other in terms of business activity and whether the activity is performed on the territory of UAE or not. The trading company in Dubai, UAE can have a limited trading license for a particular number of goods categories as well as a general trading license allowing for trading with any kind of goods.

When doing business through a trading company registered in Dubai, UAE, there is no tax on profits gained from such trading company. There will be also no customs duties levied by UAE, if a company incorporated in the United Arab Emirates brings the goods to the warehouse /storage premises of the Free Trade Zone for further export.

It is also worth to mention the opportunity to open a company in UAE for trading with raw materials (commodities) such as oil, gold, diamonds, coffee etc. There is a special Free Trade Zone established for this type of companies offering trading licenses for commodities trading companies and, if required, provide additional infrastructure, for example, vaults for safe storage of gold bars or diamonds.

The registration/opening of a trading company in Dubai or other Emirate is an advantageous and fairly cost-effective solution, applied by clients who trade with various types of goods and have different business size ranging from small to very large scale international companies.

Our consultants have the experience of registering all types of trading companies in Dubai and other Emirates in UAE. Send us your inquiry, stating what the company is going to trade with and whether the business activity would be on the territory of UAE, whether premises like office, storage facilities are needed, if residential visas for employees are required, and we will send you the respective offer.

Within company registration in UAE, we provide a full spectrum of services ranging from selecting the type of company and preparing its required documentation to a complete registration, obtaining all permits, selection of office and storage facilities, opening an account in a bank etc.