- Offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE – the advantages

Offshore company registration in Dubai UAE – the advantages

Nowadays, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular and attractive jurisdictions for setting up an offshore company. The advantages of the offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE rests on the grounds of the effective assets protection, risk management, financial confidentiality, no red tape, low registration cost, foreign investments and secure property rights.

An array of laws, enacted by the Emirates ensured the stability of the tax laws in this jurisdiction, fair chances to increase the profitability of your business and a high level of confidentiality at all levels.

Despite the ever-changing fiscal policy in respect of offshore companies in many states lately, the offshore company in UAE ensures a high level of confidentiality and anonymity of your business and that owing to the stable and reliable politics in UAE. At present, the Arab Emirates have not made any agreements on the disclosure and exchange of confidential information on offshore companies. This stance provides definite advantages for an offshore company in Dubai, UAE. Such conditions attract ever-increasing number of investors wanting to register an offshore company in Dubai and other Free Economic Zones of UAE.

The advantages of offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE.

    • There is no taxation on business activity performed outside UAE.
    • No audit required
    • Minimal time periods for offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE: 3-7 days
    • An offshore company in UAE provides a higher level of confidentiality, information on directors and shareholders will not be disclosed.
    • Offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE – The Memorandum of Association and other documents related to the company are attested by the registrar. All documents are provided in English, which makes it more comfortable to work with the company in the future
    • Having 1 director is obligatory, however their number and residency is not limited by the local legislation.
    • A director of an offshore company in Dubai, UAE, can be a nominal and have any citizenship
    • 1 owner/shareholder is obligatory for the registration. The shareholder’s place of residency and his citizenship have no limitations except for the countries that are sanctioned according to the general international rules set by international organizations.
    • The shareholder of the company is eligible to operate the company.
    • Every registered offshore company must have a registered agent as well as the official registered company’s address. Our company acts as an agent, since it is duly registered and has the legal status of the registered agent for the offshore companies and has fully operational office in UAE.

Lately, ever-more enterprises across the world, prefer to register and do their international business through the international companies in UAE.

The advantages of offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE.

Company registration in UAE requires a thorough verification of documents and preparation of documents for the registration. Our specialists constantly follow up and analyze all the legislative changes and news related to the corporate law in UAE. We are ready to provide our knowledge and experience for you. Working with us provides you with an opportunity to save your time and substantially reduce costs of offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE.

The complete process of offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE is as follows: all necessary documents will be prepared and the mandatory registration costs will be paid. The company, thereafter, is registered in the registrar and may begin to operate thereafter. The registration process itself can take 3-4 days on average. The express registration of 48 hours is possible. Offshore company registration in Dubai, UAE necessitates the mandatory involvement of a registered agent. Our company has a license and a status of a registered agent and can help you with complete registration from A to Z. All it takes, is to contact our specialists and we will provide all the necessary information and provide the registration services.

The service package for the Dubai offshore company registration and administration includes the payment of government fees, a full set of incorporation documents, registered agents fees and an officially registered office. In addition we can provide support in account opening process in UAE, additional administration services registration of trade marks etc.

We have all the facilities and knowledge to ensure a fast and high quality registration of your company or branch in UAE of any legal type including the offshore.