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UAE in facts and pictures

United Arab Emirates, a country which has turned only 40, has achieved a great success in a relatively short time.

The largest and most expensive fountain in the world – in Dubai

The largest and most expensive fountain in the world Dubai

Musical, or so-called by tourists, dancing fountain is located on the artificial lake at the foot of the tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa and the world's largest shopping center Dubai Mall. This astonishing and fantastic construction was built on the same place, which until recent time was a desert. Dancing Fountain covers area of 12 hectares. The Fountain is equipped with more than 6500 underwater lamps and 50 colorful projectors.

The fountain’s jets shoot water higher than 150 meters height; the length of the entire complex is over 270 meters. If you look at the fountains from the Burj Khalifa’s viewing platform, you can see that they look like a huge live flower.

The fountains “dances” are accompanied with musical compilations of the world's best music tracks. If to look at the fountain from the top from the observation desk – it reminds a huge life flower.

Greatest engineering and architectural design

Dancing Fountain in Dubai is an incredible facility that excites visitors and tourists with real fairy tale. This extravaganza that combines water jets, music and incredible illumination. Be assured that your heart will beat faster if you see such splendor.

Every second more than 80 million liters of water soar skyward and reach the height of 50-storey building. Incredible lighting adds charm and fabulous associations to the fountain. Multiple light sources make different combinations and fascinate by its magnificence.  

Of course, there are many musical fountains in the world and each of them has its own peculiar feature. But the singing fountain in Dubai is an incredible show, which combines light, water and music show.

For tourists and visitors

It is possible to get to the singing fountain in Dubai virtually from anywhere in the city, including by Dubai Metro, Burj Khalifa station. Colorful show begins at 13:00 and continues till late night, every half an hour you are guaranteed with a three-minute spectacular show. On the viewing platform there are always many of those who want to see great show, and there is enough place for everyone.

If you prefer to watch the aquatic extravaganza in a more comfortable environment, you can book a table in one of the many cafes and restaurants located in the vicinity of the fountain. For those who wish to see full picture of this massive structure, it is recommended to go up to the viewing platform of Burj Khalifa complex. Although from such a height the  fountain may seem small, you can see the entire complex at a glance. If you go up to the viewing platform in the evening, wait until the water show begins - you will not regret.  

Dancing Fountain in the UAE - an incredible show

Musical accompaniment of dancing fountain includes both traditional Arab motives and dazzling melodies of foreign origin. When water jets soar into the air in tune of beautiful melodies and beautiful illumination provides light support, you will not find indifferent person among watching visitors and tourists.

Those who have already visited this spectacular show will agree that this is an incredible sight, giving people a lot of positive emotions and indescribable feeling. Notably, evening performances are worth mentioning, which is why many guests in Dubai are looking forward to the show at 18:00. Each show that lasts for several minutes has its own unique component. These are different shows in terms of tempo and motives, with original music, dynamic dance and light decoration.

These are light and water shows accompanied by beautiful oriental melodies and classic music, whereas numerous special effects emphasize the grandeur and splendor of the building. Just have a look at the splendor of artificial fog and water jet escaping from it.

If you plan a trip to the United Arab Emirates and would like to visit  modern Dubai metropolis, you should see this grand show. This man-made and fascinating spectacular show will impress you with its grace and uniqueness. You can be sure: a visit to the dancing fountain in Dubai will provide in abundance positive and indescribable feelings.