- Dubai International Financial Center, UAE

Dubai International Financial Center, UAE

Dubai International Financial Center, UAE

Dubai International Financial Center: a modern infrastructure and rapid development
Dubai International Financial Center is a new financial structure of the global value.

Today, the UAE is the country of oil sheiks, with a rapid development of getting Dubai World Financial Center. The result of that is a stable economy and effective partnership with capital markets of London, New York and Hong Kong. Analysts believe that United Arab Emirates will be the financial center of global importance, bringing together vast regions of North and East Africa, India, South-East Asia, Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. The economy of the region is over $2 trillion dollars with a density population up to 2 billion people. Every year, the figure is growing by at least 5%. There are also grounds to state that the financial activities of all regions are going to emerge in the center of financial activities located in Dubai, UAE.
Dubai International Financial Center DIFC has 44, 5 hectares of area. This free zone was established under the decree of the establishment of the International Financial Center signed by UAE Prime Minister of Dubai and Ruler of Dubai Rashid Al Maktoum in 2004. The decree has also established the Department of Justice, Registration Companies Authority and Financial Services. Dubai International Financial Center, UAE attracts various financial companies from different countries of the world. Since Dubai International Financial Center has been established, over hundred financial companies have been opened there, including major international banks. Every year, the number of DIFC members is constantly growing.
Building and opening of the International Financial Center in Dubai, UAE, has become a tool to attract large number of foreign investors on the market. In the nearest future, it will increase the regional demand; create the basis of competition in lending. Therefore, DIFC, Dubai, might be considered as a mature stock market which has focused its efforts in several financial areas:
1. Banking (Free Economic Zones DIFC- corporate, private and investment banking)
2. Stock Markets (Financial Center is actively working with shares, securities, debt obligations and trading goods)
3. Asset Management
4. Registration of funds
5. Financial risks and insurance
6. Finances of Islamic world and additional services (International Financial Center play a key role of one of the largest stock exchange for Islamic Sukuk. Sukuk is the alternative type of investment certificates and securities issued in the accordance with Sharia law. For investors, the Sukuk gives the opportunity to have the option to subscribe the right proportion of profit and also the ability to implement it in the secondary market. )
All financial transactions in DIFC are carried out in accordance to the law which is adopted from the world’s leading countries. Full transparency is also guaranteed to the financial security partners. The main currency is dollar. In addition, the biggest advantage of free economic zone DIFC in Dubai, UAE, is the law which is developed on the basis not of Sharia, but British law. According to most experts, DIFC may lead to large inflow of the capital.
Advantages of DIFC
International Financial Center membership is not only prestigious but also lucrative for financial institutions and companies, giving number of advantages such as:
- 100% foreign ownership of the companies;
- Tax free system on profit and income;
- Unrestricted foreign exchange transactions;
- The ability to use all types of operational support and infrastructure on the highest level.

Nowadays, DIFC, Dubai, has over 800 financial companies, insurance companies, banks and asset management companies. Members and customers of Dubai International Financial Center also have access to all information and communication of services; they may consult with an independent legal solicitors and arbitrage center, having advantage of leasing the commercial property with the whole infrastructure and numbers of other privileges.