- Lukoil is moving to Dubai, UAE

Experts comment on why Lukoil moved to Dubai, UAE:


There are commonly three main reasons why a number of oil companies from different countries including “Lukoil Overseas” move to Dubai, UAE as the place to set up business.

The first reason is that UAE, as you all know, is the oil reach country in the oil rich region which gives additional perspectives to work in the region or to have closer relationships with other oil and oil related companies to participate in business projects in the region and the other countries of the world.

The second reason why, the experts  believe, for Lukoil Overseas to move to Dubai, is that the taxation system of Dubai, UAE is very attractive for all types of international companies including oil companies. This tax system allows the oil and other companies to be fully resident in the country and pay the taxes at the very low rates whereby being full in line with the UAE and international taxes regulations.

The third reason for Lukoil Overseas to move to Dubai may be the fact of the availability of the cheap international work force and highly developed and conformable infrastructure for acceptable costs to accommodate the exiting personnel which moves to Dubai from other offices of Lukoil Overseas.

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