- The world largest renewable energy project “Shams1” is opened in UAE

The world largest renewable energy project “Shams1” is opened in UAE


On 17th of March 2013, the largest solar power plant in the world is officially opened in UAE. New energy project Shams 1 is able to generate 100 megawatts of clean and sustainable energy at a cost of the project of Dh 2.2 billion ($600 million) with the sun collectors surface extending over 2.5 square kilometers.

The technology of Concentrated Solar Power plant as well as its parabola shapes means the solar thermal electricity is generated by sun light, concentrated mirrors which enable to generate high-pressure steam to drive steam turbine.

Shams 1 is also the first utility scale commercial solar power project in the Middle East consisting of 258.048 parabolic trough mirrors, 768 solar collector assembly units, 192 solar collector assembly loops with 8 solar collector assemblies per loop and 27648 absorber pipes.

Masdar city is the place where Shams 1 is located which is in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi. Shams 1 will start to supply a power to the Abu Dhabi national grid in March 2013. The power station will be operated under 25 year build, operate and own contract. The main purpose of the largest built concentrated solar power plant is to meet the future energy demands, whilst reducing the environmental footprint and provide the largest renewable energy source in UAE.

The new UAE project has already started to generate energy power to 20.000 homes in the country.